A shocking downside to the heat.

In Australia we are blessed with beautiful weather, making it the perfect holiday destination for the millions that flock to our beautiful country each year.

However, there is a shocking downside to our hot climate for electricians.

Trades people and DIY people are being warned to be careful when working in the heat as excessive sweating whilst working on mains powered tools can lead to electric shocks.

In Sub Tropical Gold Coast, we are exposed to the heat and humidity throughout the majority of the year, and excessive sweating whilst working outdoors is unavoidable.

The most common offenders are power drills, grinders, welders, screw guns to name a few.

Whilst it is reported that the majority of these shocks have not been life threatening, the downtime and risk are enough to cause concern.

Once a power tools has caused a shock it is imperative that it is taken to an electrical professional to test and tag before it is fit for use again.

Whilst tradespeople are not immune to electric shocks, they are trained professionals that know what dangers and issues to look out for. Call Five Rivers Electricians for any electrical work, we provide quality workmanship for an affordable rate.