Avoid electric shocks with some basic safety tips.

Electricity provides us with the means to power our creature comforts, from the television to the heater, we rely heavily on it. The relationship between electricity and user can go from love to hate in a single shock. For all its benefits, electricity is dangerous and can be fatal.

Since we depend on electricity daily for a lot of our needs it only seems logical that we look after our appliances and circuits.

Electric shocks can be painful and even deadly but are also avoidable, so take some time to look at how you can prevent these nasty shocks.

  • Check the leads and wires of your electrical appliances for cracks and holes, do not continue use if you find any breakage.
  • Trades people especially should take the time to get a professional to test and tag their equipment regularly to ensure they are all safe for use.
  • Never use electrical products in wet location or allow them to get wet unless this is their specific purpose, such as a dishwasher.
  • A common issue is overloading a power board. Power boards are temporary measures that should not be overloaded with multiple appliances.
  • Never ever try your own electrical work, this can cause additional issues, cause injury and even death.
  • Don’t run extension cords along the floor, use the appropriate stands props.

In many instances common sense should prevail when it comes to electricity, however the overzealous handyman may try and save a few dollars with some DIY repairs, this can lead to further issues and complications and in some cases death. Be safe and call Five River Electrical to take the guess work out of your repairs.