Avoid the hassle, cost and potential dangers with some helpful hints and tips.

Whilst electrical work is sometimes a necessity there are some simple rules you can follow to avoid some unfortunate accidents.

Here are the 5 most common causes of electrical fires:

  1. The majority of electrical fires can be blamed on faulty electrical outlets and old appliances. Another common fire hazard is those caused by faults in the electrical cords themselves, that’s why it is advised to never use a frayed or damaged cord.
  1. During those cold winters nights be careful to not place a portable heater too close to a combusted surface. A radiator style heater does seem to be the safest portable method of heating; however, you still need to be mindful of where you place it.
  1. Get an electrician in to look at your old wiring, prevention is better, cheaper and safer than cure. A common issue is that many older homes do not have the appropriate wiring to deal with the technological demands of today.
  1. Another common mistake is placing a high watt light bulb in a lamp that is designed for a much lower wattage. Lamps that have material draped over them are a ticking time bomb.
  1. Last but not least. Many people are guilty of this one. Overloading the PowerPoints and power boards. Power boards are a temporary measure and should not be a permanent fixture in your household.

Make sure your home is fitted with a safety switch and 240v smoke detector.

Being safe and cautious with your electrical products will ensure that you are not spending more than you need on easily avoidable repairs.