DIY repairs warning

Everyone wants to save money, and with Bunnings, Masters and home improvement companies and TV shows telling us we can do it ourselves, it is not surprising that people are trying their hand at home repairs.

However, the government are asking that people take a step back and leave electrical work to the professionals. DIY electrical work can often cause additional problems and end up costing more. More importantly it can be dangerous, even fatal.

Take a look at some of the common issues amateur electricians face;

Electricians spend many year perfecting their trade and they know what wires are suitable for the job. Unfortunately, not all wires are the same, and DIY wiring can lead to short circuits and other issues.

A common safety device used by electricians is a fuse, this breaks the circuit if it gets beyond want the acceptable safely level. An electrician knows what fuse is best for a specific device, but as they all look the same an amateur electrician could risk an electrical fire if they use a larger fuse than is needed.

The years of training puts an electrician in good stead to work out what wire does what. Unfortunately to the untrained eye it’s hard to distinguish one wire from another, this leads to faulty installations of outlets and switches leading to short circuits and potentially an electrical fire.

Simple tasks like replacing a light bulb can be a fire hazard if the wrong wattage bulb is used for the outlet.

Whilst you may strike gold and your handy work is flawless, the not so lucky handyman risks potential electrocution, this can be painful and cause serious nerve damage, or in the extreme death.

Whilst you may sit back and bask in your workmanship, some issues may not present themselves immediately, but when they do they could result in an electrical fire or future financial loss when repairing any damage that may have been caused.  In the case of a fire – if it is found that the electrical work was not done by a licensed electrician – there would be no insurance – leaving you and your family in financial ruin.

Err on the side of caution and get a Five Rivers Electrician to deal with all your electrical needs and get safe, affordable, quality workmanship without the risk.