Why get a Smart Metre?

A smart metre covers a whole gamut of new technologies and systems that will inherently change the relationship between you and your electricity company.

To date the process of working out your electricity bill has been a manual process, where the customer is sent an estimate until the metre can be read. Not only does that mean you may have a nasty shock when you get your actual usage bill but it means you cannot monitor your usage.

The Smart Metre will provide both the electricity company and the user automatic and up-to-date readings of their electricity usage at any given time.

This has significant benefits for utility companies who can better plan and prepare for power needs and thus reducing the number of costly black-outs.

The benefits to the customer are;

You can monitor your electricity usage and adjust them if needed.

The reduction of blackouts

It gives the user a lot more information on their energy usage, this can assist with lowering costs potentially. The smart metre shows the on and off peak tariffs, this may change the times when you use the washing machine and dryer, etc.… so you can amend your patterns to maximise your expenditure.

This will streamline the process of moving to and from a property

As soon as there is an electrical issue on the grid your smart metre will transmit this information back to the utility company who can action the issue a lot quicker.

The smart metre will help people and business to understand their electricity usage, ultimately giving them more information that can potentially lead to savings.